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Managed camp is a hand up, not a handout

I read the article in the Jan. 8 edition of the Herald, and found many of the opinions of the homeless to be the main problem we are facing in dealing with this problem.

They want all the conveniences but don’t want any of the responsibilities. The biggest problem is they don’t like rules. Some don’t want traditional housing, some let their dogs run loose, and many don’t respect other people’s space or property. Every time one of these agencies comes up with a viable solution, the homeless find fault with it.

First, let's be clear that they are not paying for it, we the taxpayers are. This is supposed to be a hand up not a handout like Kerby in the article seems to want. I don’t know where it is written that someone who contributes nothing is entitled to a free ride! I am all for helping those who want to get back on their feet, but not those who think this is a “lifestyle” that someone else should foot the bill for. If someone wants to camp out, then buy some land and camp out – just don’t expect everyone else to pay for it.

David Green