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‘Mea culpa’ on RV park zoning

An “acknowledgement of error” or “apology” are definitions of mea culpa. Yes, I was the one who wrote the letter on Jan. 20, saying the Roberts Resorts RV Park proposal was incorrect. As a citizen reading the codes, I didn’t pick up on the fact that an old zoning rule in our valley could be twisted to mean that any of the “low impact, tourist-oriented recreational uses” could be allowed under a minor permit.

That’s because I read the codes with the term “low intensity” included. The county folks feel they can just ignore that – that’s how they claim it can be legal. And I read it applying all the guidance in the Animas Valley District Plan, which I and numerous valley residents helped write. The county ignored that too. If this proposal were submitted for anyplace else in La Plata County, it would have to be under a major permit.

I now understand that it is not, technically, illegal. Mea culpa.

But it is wrong for our valley. After filing an application, the developer could then downsize his proposal a bit. That’s a standard business strategy. But this proposal would have to be cut by at least two-thirds to make it allowable.

We want to be afforded the same application of codes and oversight that would apply elsewhere in our county. Stay tuned.

Dot Wehrly