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Meeting Monday to discuss co-op giveaway

We founding members of Durango Natural Foods recently learned the current DNF board has been planning for three months to give the store away to an Albuquerque entity owning six stores.

DNF has had an important vision since its founding in 1976: It is locally owned, locally operated and is a low-cost, quality-food store for Durangoans. Members have collectively participated through their volunteer labor, gifts and loans for 40 years, creating and supporting their quality cooperative food source; the legacy must be defended.

The current DNF board has no right to enter into a letter of intent to merge with the six stores of La Montanita in Albuquerque without feedback and involvement from the DNF membership.

Unversed in the 40-year history of DNF’s collective efforts to create and sustain operations, the current board – without members knowledge – entered into a three-month negotiation designed to give away our community asset.

The membership has been blindsided and given a few weeks before a final vote whether to give away our DNF store.

Members unite!

Spread the word. Come to an informal meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 18, at the Rocky Mountain Retreat, 848 East Third Ave.

Let your voice be heard!

Don and Sharon Gordon


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