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Mercy Hospital reduced to ‘corporate medicine’

The letter put forth by Catherine Winchester concerning the general influence of Centura Health-CommonSpirit was interesting.

The evidence is now clear that what was once a robust “Regional Medical Center” has now devolved into our present Mercy Hospital. Let’s understand that the Mercy employees are wonderful people, but they are directed to yield profit-driven results and often feel the pressure of job security. This is not necessarily for the benefit of patients, nor a quality workplace.

The “Mercy Lab” was once an outstanding resource for our local friends and family members. The abundance of lab options, quick turnaround time and quality control were second to none.

Unfortunately, corporate medicine dictates that central control of these services are in “their” best interest. Substituting college grads for high school grads, licensed practical nurses for medical assistants, medical doctors for physician assistants – basically cutting costs on the education level of those delivering health care to you.

This is a “systems” choice, where education and experience are devalued for profit. Who would you want to inject medicines into your veins or have your physical?

Where do we go from here? If the folks up the corporate ladder are enjoying nice cars, new digs, seats on various board rooms and other bonuses, then why should it change?

It’s going to have to be a bottom-up movement. Write letters, voice opinions, take your medical moneys elsewhere if you have that option.

Lenny Papineau