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New housing development comes to the Animas Valley

West Dalton Ranch adds more single-family lots north of Durango
West Dalton is one of two new developments in the Animas Valley. Buyers are expected to move into newly built homes by 2024. (Tyler Brown/Durango Herald)

Lots are for sale in a new housing subdivision near Trimble Crossing in the Animas Valley, north of Durango.

The 51-unit development is at 373 County Road 252 (Trimble Lane).

According to the La Plata County Planning Department, a land-use permit was filed for the lot six months ago. The West Dalton Ranch housing development will offer lots between $260,000 and $385,000. The lots will range in size from .210 to .363 acres.

According to North Star and Wells Group Realtor Tiare Flora, the development was planned to meet growing demand in the Dalton Ranch area for single-family lots.

“There’s very little single family lots available in Animas Valley, especially with services like water taps, sewer taps and paved roads,” she said.

Flora estimates those who buy lots will be able to build and move into homes in 2024.

Flora said Durango has returned to a solid real estate market. She said she takes people to see three or four homes again, which had not been the case before.

“They’re able to maybe go back a second time and negotiate with a seller if they’ve listed for too high. The market itself is adjusting (so) that we’re seeing some price reductions,” she said.

Flora said the market has shifted over the past six months. Where there used to be 10 to 15 buyers on a listing, she’s now seeing between two and five. But there is a difference between finding homes in Durango and in the surrounding rural areas in La Plata County.

“The town is always going to be more competitive than the rural communities in general,” she said. “Unless you’ve got something that someone really wants like riverfront property.”

Lately, Flora said the market hasn’t been as highly competitive in other areas surrounding Durango, but in the Animas Valley, there has been limited housing inventory.

Flora said there were no homes actively listed in the Dalton or Trimble Crossing neighborhoods as of Wednesday, and there were two currently pending.

According to La Plata County records, owner of Durango Hot Springs, Kurt Carter, also owns the land West Dalton is being built on.

Flora said the lots for West Dalton will not have any affiliation with the hot springs.

However, this isn’t the only lot under construction in the area. Located diagonally across the street, residents can see what appears to be storage units, and according to La Plata County records, a company named Gallegos LLC has purchased the land.

“We are not aware of future proposals at this time. The property owner currently under the LLC is just subdividing into three lots,” said Dan Murphy, senior planner for La Plata County Community Development.


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