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‘No editorial on explosive allegations of Biden’

This year, The Durango Herald’s editorials have opined on national political topics like the Fox/Dominion lawsuit, televising a Donald Trump trial, Trump’s tax returns, and the Supreme Court. I find it curious that the Herald has no editorial opinion on the serious and explosive allegations of President Biden and his family accepting money for influence.

A reader would think that these newsworthy items are worth mentioning, yet nary a peep from the Herald. No opinions on his age and mental capability? His acquisition of material wealth that could not be obtained from a life in political office? Congressional testimony under oath by Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers and former business partners about his family’s influence peddling? That’s just a fraction of the compelling evidence, not to mention a recent CNN poll showing 61% of Americans believe Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business deals with China and Ukraine.

La Plata County and the city of Durango are politically diverse but in this reader’s opinion, this publication comes up very short in its commentary by virtue of its selective reporting. The Herald is certainly entitled to its editorial perspective but it would better serve the community and the paper’s credibility if the Herald embraced some ideological diversity and inclusion in the newsroom that is representative of its readers.

Mark Myers