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‘No parking solution in place’

In the early days of the pandemic, the city placed bump-outs downtown to help Durango’s restaurants survive tough times. The Boulevard Neighborhood Association took a “wait and see” approach. Our neighbors to the west, the downtown businesses, needed our support. Not all residents agreed with the BNA’s position. Many saw bump-outs as a calculated first step by a few who stood to benefit by closing the downtown to vehicle traffic. Some warned how a pedestrian mall design, with all its unintended consequences, would impact both of Durango’s historic districts.

We have waited and we have seen and now the numbers are out: The city and many businesses made money, even thrived during the pandemic. Bump-outs have exploded, cheapening the character of what has stood the test of time. Durango’s Next Step is proceeding full-steam ahead, despite 75 businesses, many major stakeholders, signing a letter of opposition to the City Council. No parking solution is in place. Instead, the community is invited to do the parking dance at open houses or check boxes in yet another biased survey.

Wake up, Durango. City leaders are either ignoring constituents or exacerbating a problem in the name of progress. Which is it?

Kristen Bushnell Phillips

Karen Brucoli Anesi

Mike Todt

and the Board of the Boulevard Neighborhood Association