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No photos of Bennet, Hickenlooper

So another photo of Lauren Boebert appeared in the Saturday story with the headline “9 Boebert priorities pass in package she rejected” in The Durango Herald, giving her even more of the publicity she craves. Where is the photo of Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper who actually voted yes to deliver a large number of greatly needed projects to rural Southern Colorado?

Giving lip service to ideas to convince voters you are working for them means nothing if you then double-cross them by not funding projects. Boebert doesn’t want to spend money for “the little people.” Let’s save the money for gas and oil projects, which are already highly subsidized by our taxes. Boebert is just a hypocrite. Posting only her photo, giving her credit for these appropriations is just not fair and balanced reporting.

Connie Durand