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No utility scale solar in Hesperus

Utility scale solar is the most economically efficient and equitable way to do solar generation, but Hesperus is not the appropriate location. The appropriate location is where fossil fuel-based power plants are being shut down. This would put the solar facilities in communities that are facing a loss in jobs and a reduced tax base. These locations already have the infrastructure for power distribution, and are already aesthetically and environmentally compromised by the existing power generation facilities.

Hesperus is an incredibly inappropriate place for a utility scale solar installation. The benefits touted for local community are grossly overstated. The environmental impact of defoliating, scraping off and fencing in an area larger than the surface area of Lake Nighthorse would be catastrophic, and do permanent damage to this area.

Please educate yourself on this issue and support the STOP Hesperus Solar movement.

John Purser