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‘Nobody in charge’ at Durango Post Office

I’ve recently found that the U.S. Postal Service takes no responsibility for any of its actions. My package disappeared prior to being delivered to my mailbox and the powers that run the Durango Post Office take zero responsibility.

When I cut through days of red tape, I found that workers believe their responsibility ends once said mail has been supposedly delivered. Last week, I watched the substitute carrier deliver the mail and mark my package as delivered, even when there was no package.

The post office does not answer its phone. I had to take time off work to personally go to speak to someone. I was told there is nobody in charge. Who is running this show? Who can be held responsible? Obviously, not Donnie Trump’s pick for Postmaster General Louis Dejoy.

The U.S mail has become just another “pass the buck” arm of our failing federal government. If I were to send a letter to my next door neighbor in Durango, it first goes to Albuquerque, then comes back for delivery. That is, if it doesn’t disappear first.

What mouth breathing moron thought this was a good idea? Where does the buck stop? Who is accountable for this inept circus we call the post office? Obviously, not the poor people behind the counter and faithful letter carriers who are overworked and underpaid.

It’s time for our representatives to step in and demand better service for the rural residents of western Colorado. We need our mail service back.

Steve Stahl