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Oh Hi ups the CBD dosage in its seltzers

As of mid-April, Oh Hi Beverage’s have 5 mg more of CBD, bringing the total up to 20 mg per can.

Changing the formula doesn’t always turn out well for beverage companies, but it’s doubtful Oh Hi Beverages’ decision to include a third more CBD in its CBD seltzers will have the same effect as New Coke.

Each of the canned seltzers, which debuted in December 2019, previously came with a 15 mg dose of cannabidiol, an active – but not psychoactive – compound in cannabis. As of mid-April, Oh Hi has bumped the CBD content per can up to 20 mg.

Oh Hi head of operations John Lynch said the change brings the seltzers more in line with Oh Hi’s competitors.

“The technology has improved where we can keep the same flavor profile and give people more CBD while keeping it a good, high-quality product,” he said. “We noticed that it’s what people want.”

The cannabinoid content in the seltzers comes from Caliper, a flavorless CBD isolate.

Oh Hi’s CBD seltzers include Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Ginger Basil Limeade flavors. They are distributed in Colorado, Southern California and Michigan.


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