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On Monday morning, I will want my missing hour back

Spring forward and fall back. What a cutesy-foo-foo way of making our lives a veritable hell.

I think Daylight Savings Time was invented to drive working mothers nuts.

But we were talking about it at choir practice at church the other night, and some of my senior citizens friends don't like this ridiculous concept either. Out of eight of us, only one person likes Daylight Savings Time.

We've all read the research. Switching times back and forth twice a year isn't only inconvenient, it's a danger to our health and it makes us tired. Just when we're starting to enjoy some almost sunlight when we wake up in the mornings, we are plummeted into darkness again as we're driving on still-slick and icy roads in winter and early spring.

If Colorado could join forces with Arizona, the sensible state that never adopted this nonsense, and Utah and New Mexico joined in, we would have a nice Four Corners island of sanity that could tell the rest of the country we're smart enough not to switch our clocks back and forth twice a year.

That will be nice to think about next week when I'm stumbling around in the dark at 6 a.m., wanting that missing hour back.