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Open enrollment is here – find out how affordable health insurance can be

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved how major medical events can happen to any of us, no matter how healthy we are. Even though health insurance cannot prevent you from getting sick or hurt, it can make it less expensive to get the care you need without jeopardizing your health or financial future. We at San Juan Basin Public Health recognize the challenges our community is facing during this pandemic and we want to help you get the coverage you need.

Currently, almost everyone who needs health insurance can enroll in a plan of their choice through Connect for Health Colorado. Navigating the options and picking a plan can be confusing and overwhelming, and that’s where we can help. SJBPH’s health insurance program offers free assistance in finding the best and most affordable plan for you and your family.

Through Jan. 15, most Colorado residents can enroll in health insurance that begins in January or February (depending on your sign-up date). This year, many Coloradans are eligible for even more financial assistance compared with years past. Even if you have coverage, it is a good idea to explore your options and make sure you are on the most affordable plan available for your family’s needs.

It’s a common misconception that health insurance is not affordable. Many Coloradans can get free or significantly reduced-cost insurance through Connect for Health Colorado. SJBPH can help verify that you’re getting the health coverage you deserve.

Pre-existing conditions do not affect your ability to get health insurance or affect what it costs. All plans on Connect for Health Colorado include preventable care at zero cost. This means you will not pay for annual physicals, well visits, vaccinations and more. Most of the providers in our area are in-network, so you will most likely be able to keep your same provider.

Even healthy people need health insurance, just like good drivers still need car insurance. Why? Because bad things can happen to anyone; it pays to be prepared. This may be your only opportunity to enroll to get health insurance for 2022, so don’t miss this chance. Your SJBPH Health Coverage Guide can walk you through your health insurance options and assist in getting you signed up. Call 335-2028 for more information or to schedule a virtual meeting.

SJBPH will host a series of webinars to discuss health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado’s Marketplace on Dec. 8, Dec. 22 and Jan. 5. These webinars will be hosted on Zoom with instantaneous Spanish translation available. Links to these webinars are on SJBPH’s Health Insurance Literacy website at www.sjbpublichealth.org/healthinsurance.

Emma Tomlinson is San Juan Basin Public Health’s Health Coverage Guide.