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Our endorsements: summary and recap

Editor’s note: Our full endorsements are available online at www.durangoherald.com. Amendment A will prohibit slavery and indentured servitude in Colorado in all circumstances. This is long overdue. YES (9/30)

Amendment V sensibly lowers the minimum age to serve in the state Legislature from 25 to 21. YES (9/26)

Amendment W calls for a simplification in the ballot format for questions of retaining judges. YES (9/25)

Amendment X would allow Colorado’s definition of industrial hemp to match federal standards, which will help our farmers. YES (9/25)

Amendments Y and Z address redistricting at congressional (Y) and state legislative (Z) levels. Both will combat gerrymandering. YES (Oct. 2)

Amendment 73 is a complex proposal to tax for public schools – the wrong solution to a pressing problem. NO (9/30)

Amendment 74 proposes compensation for landowners if laws or regulations reduce property values – a potential Pandora’s Box. NO (9/21)

Amendment 75, dubbed the “Jared Polis amendment,” is an attempt to level the field with more campaign cash. NO (9/14).

Proposition 109 and Proposition 110 authorize different means to raise funds statewide for road and transportation repairs. NO on 109 and YES on 110 (9/24)

Proposition 111 calls for limits on payday loans, a good idea that is overdue. YES (9/21)

While Proposition 112 will mandate increased setbacks for oil and gas development, it is excessive. NO (9/14)

Off to the races

In local contests, the city of Durango is proposing Ballot Question 2A, a hastily-composed and poorly-explained combination sales and property tax increase. NO (10/12)

Family-friendly Bayfield must decide whether to allow retail sales of marijuana; NO (10/9).

The Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District is seeking a modest property tax boost to support its volunteer-based operations. YES (10/9)

In La Plata County, Sheriff Sean Smith, Democrat, has responded well to every challenge and has earned re-election. Smith (10/4)

County Commissioner Brad Blake, Republican, has earned another term. Blake (10/12)

In the race for La Plata County treasurer, we vote for a change in Colton Black, Republican. (10/4)

Two seats on the CU Board of Regents are on the ballot. We vote for Democrat Lesley Smith for the at-large position (9/16), and to re-elect Republican Glen Gallegos to represent District 3 (9/16).

For our state representatives, we vote to retain pragmatic Don Coram, Republican, as our state senator from District 6 (10/5), and vote to keep the amiable and effective Barbara McLachlan as our District 59 representative. (10/11)

As for our representative in Congress, it is time for a change. We vote for Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush. (10/5)..

For Colorado attorney general, we vote for the hands-on experience of Republican George Brauchler. (9/26)

For Colorado secretary of state, Wayne Williams, Republican, has earned another term. (10/15)

In the Colorado state treasurer’s contest, we vote for former state representative and Democrat Dave Young. (10/11)

In the race to replace moderate John Hickenlooper as governor, we vote for Republican Walker Stapleton to represent the best interests of “purple” Colorado. (10/15)

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