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Our View: Harrison Wendt for City Council

Harrison Wendt was nothing less than a reality check for us. In a meeting with him, Wendt was candid in pointing out the need for full representation on City Council from all of Durango’s residents, particularly from our working class.

He talked about how the Council has not benefited from younger voices for years, though residents younger than 35 are huge drivers in our economy.

In Durango, Wendt said he found his chosen family and home. And he wants to get down to working as a Councilor. We must act aggressively, he said, specifically addressing housing, growth and infrastructure. He’s all about collaborating with other governmental and private entities to create robust plans that support working people – firefighters, medical personnel, teachers, support professionals, retailers, hospitality, food service and law enforcement.

Wendt is seeking reasonable, sustainable solutions for them to stay.

The next 10 years will be crucial, he said. Wendt is bright, and talks about the role of compassion and inclusivity in leadership. We liked his energy.

Beyond larger ideas, Wendt is pragmatic. He offered details around infrastructure and essential services. For example, he explained that law enforcement was so limited on office space, it was a complete shock.

As much as Wendt loves and appreciates Durango’s parks and open spaces, he would rather residents focus on the impact of shortfalls for housing and transportation at this time.

A youth programming coordinator, Wendt knows what it’s like to face housing insecurities, and make choices between putting food on the table and other expenses.

“It’s time for a new generation of leadership,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more.

And we suggest giving him a shot at a Council seat.

Vote for Wendt.