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Our View: Pat Greer

1933 -2021

Pat Greer conducted himself with selflessness and integrity as he supported and enriched family and community. He was known for his curiosity, affection for rural life, hard work and his good judgment as a member of the water boards that were especially important to those on the water-short lands along the La Plata River on the west side of La Plata County.

At those meetings, Pat patiently encouraged everyone to have a say.

Meeting you for the first time, he was a close listener, genuinely wanting to learn what you were about.

To rural families the county fair was the culmination of time spent deepening and expanding youngsters’ agricultural interests and skills, and Pat gave his time on the fair board to making every fair the best possible.

For Pat, every day was making life better for family and community.

This is being written before Pat Greer’s memorial service on Saturday, but we are certain that the Marvel Methodist Church will not be large enough.