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Overindulgence means ‘gallstone season’

Finally, a great report (“How to avoid burning down the house or ending up in the ER on Thanksgiving,” Nov. 18 in The Durango Herald) on the dangers of too much food and alcohol at Thanksgiving. But here's the thing, I was visiting my doctor because of severe gut pain in late January.

This from my general practitioner years ago when I lived in California: Turkey can be as hard to digest as beef. And that can lead to digestive distress. His suggestion was to switch to lamb, which is nearly as digestible as fish! Luckily for me, a dose or two of Mylanta took care of my pain.

But, here's more advice from my doctor to keep in mind: Overeating, especially when combining proteins and those starchy carbs, and too much alcohol over the span of the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday, creates what he and his colleagues referred to as, “the gallstone season.”

So to avoid post-holiday surgery, let that sink in before overindulging this season. Moderation works.

David Ohman