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Peace in the park vs. fire engines

How impractical to locate a fire station, which will also include EMT ambulances, police industrial lighting, secured fencing, the unknown noise of chainsaws and engine checks at an already busy in-town location with city streets, sidewalks, pedestrians and businesses and enough traffic and congestion to make ingress and egress difficult for emergency vehicles on which many in a crises are highly dependent, sometimes for their very survival with rapid response times critical.

The impact on the area is unknown, but there certainly will be damage to the atmosphere and to peace in the park, a park and surrounding neighborhood which host many public events – from Iron Horse participant gatherings, to festivals and fairs, concerts – a rare, invaluable and irreplaceable green space in the midst of the city, for people to simply sit and enjoy a moment of reprieve from everyday life and overcrowded spaces. Certainly better, safer options are available, options with less negative impact and loss to the residents of Durango.

Katherine A. Reynolds