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AP New Mexico

Police find shooter's arsenal from Farmington rampage that killed 3 and wounded 6

Suspect discharged more than 190 rounds, had more guns and ammo hidden nearby
A modified bullet proof vest law enforcement authorities say an 18-year-old high school student wore during a killing spree that left three women dead. (Farmington Police Department, via AP)
May 18, 2023
Videos show officers rushing gunman in Farmington rampage that killed 3 women

FARMINGTON – Authorities provided a more detailed description Thursday of the arsenal that a New Mexico high school student had in his possession at the time of last month’s shootings that killed three people and wounded six others, including two police officers.

Farmington police said 18-year-old Beau Wilson fired randomly in the neighborhood where he lived, and discharged more than 190 rounds during the May 15 rampage before police fatally shot him.

They said Wilson carried three firearms in the attack, including an assault-style weapon.

During the initial search of Wilson’s residence that he shared with his father, police said a backpack near the front door contained 125 rounds of .223 ammunition for a rifle and 34 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Next to the backpack were two fully loaded 30-round magazines for .223 caliber firearms with the magazines coupled together with tape for efficient reloads, according to police.

Further investigation by detectives revealed Wilson had recently acquired 220 rounds of .223 caliber ammunition two days before the shooting.

Police said that was a separate transaction from three 30-round capacity magazines specifically designed for .223 caliber firearms that he purchased on the same day.

Authorities have previously said Wilson legally purchased the assault rifle when he turned 18 last November, while the other two weapons were believed to be owned by his relatives.