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‘Porch pirate’ package delivered

Last week, a nice young couple rang our doorbell and delivered a torn-open Fedex envelope that had important contents. The couple found our envelope, along with numerous scattered broken-open boxes along Florida Road near Lemon Reservoir. They then gathered up those that still had contents and took it upon themselves to deliver them to folks in our subdivision, where they had been stolen by an unknown “porch pirate” earlier that evening.

Earlier in the week, someone had stolen a package from their mailbox that contained a Christmas present for their daughter, and they were helping their neighbors to avoid that disappointment

We are very grateful to this couple, and want to thank them for their generosity and care for their neighbors. We also want to warn folks along Florida Road to check your mailboxes and collect your packages frequently to avoid them being stolen.

It is wonderful to know that folks like this couple live in our community and exemplify the holiday spirit of giving. We are very grateful to them and hope they have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Tim and Ann Wheeler