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Protect reproductive health care

I worked in reproductive health care as a registered nurse in abortion care for approximately six-plus years. I took care of Texas women during the COVID-19 pandemic who were seeking abortion care in Colorado and New Mexico. One woman totally touched the deepest recesses of my soul.

She had, because of COVID-19, lost her job, was evicted, her boyfriend left her and she found out she was pregnant. Then the governor and district attorney of her state decided abortion was nonessential health care and shut it down, abandoning her and countless others. She came to Colorado to have her abortion. Planned Parenthood, using various abortion funds, paid for her gas, lodging, her ultrasound and complete procedure. I truly believe if we had not been there for her, she might have harmed herself. She was a very desperate woman backed into a corner without much help available to her.

Colorado has seen a huge increase in the number of people seeking abortions from other states. The Reproductive Health Equity Act must become law. We must keep abortion and all reproductive health care available to those in need. While other states with very cruel agendas are passing laws backing our marginalized population into desperate corners, let us be a state of compassion, understanding, without instilling shame or hardship.

Please call or email State Sen. Don Coram at (303) 866-4884 or don.coram.senate@state.co.us.

Encourage him to vote for the Reproductive Health Equity Act. This is our moment to take the lead and protect reproductive health care for generations to come.

Patty Coen