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‘Public’ in name, but not ‘mission’

How does the San Juan Basin Public Health expect to form a new health department different from the one they ended up with, when they just keep leaving the same unqualified, uncompassionate individual in charge, then provide her with her third fresh slate of brand new employees to run through? You can figure out how to transfer the current and failed (by your own standards), executive director's employment over to this “new” health department, but not the dedicated employees? Really?

Seems like I've heard this before because I have. This same “leader” is the one who attempted to kill cats at the beginning of her tenure, which led to the last mass exodus of overly-qualified talented professionals at San Juan Basin Health Department several years back. You put the “public” back in the name, but nowhere else in its sights or mission. Some 17 letters to this editor, from some of the finest professionals in our town (at the time), were not enough for the Board of Health to figure it out then, and clearly several failed attempts at sustaining what was once a stunning, beloved and relied upon health department still leave you unwilling to look at the facts, when you are supposed to be based in facts.

I wish the best of luck to all of those who will lose their jobs over this unbelievably ignorant proposition, if it is instituted. A health department should keep people from worrying.

Staci Brand