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Put a moratorium on new home construction

For all of this drought awareness in the editorial (Herald, Nov. 13), could someone please explain why, with a drought extending far into the future, does the city continue to grant homebuilding permits like they’re handing out Halloween candy? This is insane!

Reading about how Mendocino, California, has just about depleted its entire water supply, the evidence is clear. It can happen here, too. Whether it is the shortened ski season, commercial rafting season or the tinder-dry forests, the idea the city keeps issuing building permits is mind-boggling.

And let’s not default to “supply and demand” in the real estate industry. We have a water supply crisis. It should not be that hard to inform wanna-be new residents they can either buy into existing inventory, or wait till the water crisis is over.

In the meantime, a moratorium on new home construction should be a high priority. Till then, spare us the platitudes on being water-wise. It’s time to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

David Ohman