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Rachel Brown is not a good fit for Durango

I completely agree with Mr. Corbeil (July 28, “Is Rachel Brown right for Durango?”)

Rachel Brown is not a good fit for Durango. I have questioned her motives ever since she was hired. My initial thought was, couldn't they find a qualified candidate for this position within our own diverse and talented community? If not, they weren't looking very hard.

Brown clearly has a good deal of disdain for those in our community who do not support her “bigger is better” ideology, as was obvious in her July 24 column.

Our county, while still beautiful, has many areas that need addressing to halt the further decline in the quality of life issues that make it a desirable place to live. Too many weeds, too much trash, too much traffic and too many unhoused people roaming our streets and parks, to mention a few.

I understand that in San Francisco that is the norm, but I do believe many citizens of our county do not place much value on those things. Tourism is good up to a point, but it should not be increased beyond the point of sustainability. A good example of extreme tourism gone bad can be found in the nearby Moab, Utah, area. Wow. Oh, wow, what a disaster.

I would recommend Brown take a drive there, if she hasn’t been. Better make her reservation months in advance, though, and get a room in the back, because it is very, very, noisy there.

Jackie O'Karma