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Rain barrels benefit downstream users

Regarding the idea that rain barrels divert water from downstream users, in fact rain barrels would benefit downstream users. Folks who install rain barrels will use exactly that much less municipal water to irrigate gardens and shrubs, leaving it in the source rivers to flow to downstream users.

Surely this is a much more direct delivery of this extra water to downstream users than hoping it will flow through the ground without first evaporating or being lost to plant transpiration. And of course, rain barrel water will soon be put on the ground through outdoor watering in any case.

So, less draw down of upstream water and the collected rain water goes on the ground as it currently does. What possible rational objection remains? Finally, requiring registration of rain barrels? Haven’t we suffered enough national humiliation on this “issue”?

Hugh Brown


May 18, 2022
Rain barrel proposal drizzles down on Colorado Legislature
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