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Reader: Is SCOTUS legitimate?

When the Supreme Court has five members who were placed on the bench more because of political leanings than merit, when the Supreme Court has five members who were appointed by presidents who did not win the popular vote (and there is the legitimate question as to the electoral process that placed them there with the same court weighing in), and when a Senate majority leader keeps the president from his constitutionally delegated duty to appoint a justice through a made-up rule, it becomes clear that there is a question of legitimacy, and by extension, any decision issued by SCOTUS.

Now there is a draft opinion circulating that if issued, will undo 50 years of settled law by overturning Roe v. Wade. It appears that the Christo-fascist takeover of American culture is fully underway.

How many other rights will be under assault if this court can so easily strip what was “settled law”? It is not hard to see this court limiting or taking away individual rights in favor of corporate “citizens.”

Between gerrymandering, the Senate filibuster as structured and the Citizens United decision, the notion that either Congress or the high court is a reflection of the American people is the furthest thing from the truth.

The 2022 election will have profound consequences. It is a choice between a fascist state or a real democratic republic. Never has it been more clear that voting blue across the ballot is the only answer.

David Black