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Remove snow or hire someone to do it

Isn't it exciting to live in a place with four seasons? The skiing is great, the sledding is great and snow removal on sidewalks, parking lots, alleys and on the sides of houses is well, mandatory.

You might not use those areas, but others do, and unlike so many other places with snow issues, one of the things that Durango seems to lack is serious community orientation. In other places, neighbors work together to clear out the snow, so no one gets hurt.

Recently, in front of four businesses on 32nd Street near the light, no one had bothered shoveling the walkway. If you’re not going to be there, pay someone to shovel. If you’re too infirm or unable to do it, again, hire someone to do it. The issue is liability and if someone slips or falls, you are liable to them for damages, including injuries and repair. Shoveling and salt are a cheap alternative.

For the City of Durango and the few federal land holdings locally, you too are responsible for snow removal. If you’re not able to lift a shovel or buy a snow blower, then hire someone local who can do this. It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s both good policy and common sense. Failure to so, can lead to financial penalties. Maybe we need more of that to get compliance.

Christa Warren