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Rep. Boebert is a ‘pig in a poke’

It is unfortunate Gerry Cuca (letters, Herald, Dec. 24) continues to believe that Lauren Boebert has the best interest of the people in the 3rd Congressional District as primary in her position as representative of the 3rd Congressional District.

Apparently, Gerry and other “thousands” of Boebert voters voted for a “pig in a poke” at the time of the election. However, over the past months, the “pig in a poke” has been revealed in the form of an ignorant, uneducated purveyor of COVID-19/COVID-19 vaccination false information, election fraud lies, conspiracy theories, scare rhetoric regarding the Second Amendment, border issues and don’t forget her Islamophobia, which shows in true form while speaking from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives at the United States of America Capitol. Is that the type of conduct and rhetoric people of the 3rd District really want from their representative? Unfortunately, Boebert is a sucker – a pawn for her like-minded cronies. Yep, a “pig in a poke.”

Also, don’t forget Boebert doesn’t care about infrastructure – didn’t vote for it! Didn’t vote for roads, bridges and highway repairs, or accessible improvements for the elderly and disabled people on public transit, or internet access for rural areas, low-income families and even tribal communities – just to name a few parts.

All this and more for the benefit of the American people to include people of the 3rd District, which of course doesn’t fit in with Boebert’s rhetoric and antics. Boebert, the “pig in a poke,” should not be a member of Congress.

Mildred White