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Resources available to address land-use

The Board of Directors of the Durango Peace and Justice Coalition thanks La Plata County for the warm cheers at the Snowdown Parade!

In the spirit of peace and justice, we offer the following resources to our neighbors seeking to build understanding, respect, inclusion and communication on the land-use code:

LivingRoomConversations.org is a proven method which provides an easy structure for engaging in friendly, yet, meaningful conversation with those with whom we may not agree. The National Institute for Civil Discourse is another. Retired U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, R-Wy., is on the board. The goal is to build skills that enhance civil discourse, listening skills and tolerance of other points of view. Nicd.arizona.edu and the AllianceforPeaceBuilding.Org provide resources with a goal of contributing to a world where people transform conflicts without violence. We encourage all residents, long timers and new civic players, to be mindful that our youth are listening to our discourse.

Dr. Anthony Nocella, Dr. Carolina Alons, Dr. Becky Clausen, Dr. Katherine Smith, Emma Salazar, Cleo Thomas, Wendolyne Omana, Laurie Roberts

Durango Peace and Justice Coalition Board of Directors