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‘Right to be armed to the teeth?’

I just read a recent newsletter from Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, warning me and all in the 3rd Congressional District that President Joe Biden plans to infringe on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Boebert says this right is an “absolute.”

Boebert says it’s a “basic human right” (to have any kind of weapon you’d like).

Boebert says “no one should be denied our basic human rights” (to have the firepower we need to kill and maim other humans).

Boebert says this right is needed to “keep our families safe.”

Boebert says Biden plans to infringe “on our God given rights” (like the right to have the same weapons the military is packin’.)

God? God gave us the right to be armed to the teeth?

I just had to Google “God” and found all kinds of things that don’t point to this entity endorsing gun policy or even the Second Amendment.

Turns out, God is “perfect in power, wisdom and goodness whom people worship as creator and ruler of the universe.” (Google Search)

This just In from Nashville, yet another mass shooting!

Oh my, God! More innocents mowed down with guns!

Keith Riker