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Roberts river put-in sketch ‘to improve image’

The Roberts Village Camp "river put-in“ illustration in The Durango Herald on Wednesday is a concept for what a beautiful put-in “could look like.“ But is not in any way a promise to actually create that put-in as part of Scott Roberts’ planned RV development in the Animas Valley.

In fact, Roberts is much more likely to give an easement or donate the put-in to avoid expensive upkeep and liability insurance. There is nothing in his development plan to suggest that he intends to create or maintain such river access. His sketch plan actually shows part of that area as being paved over as a turnaround for RVs.

The county has already said that it has no place in its budget for a park. Even if Roberts can find someone who will take this parcel to create and maintain a put-in, it would simply give his clients access as an added attraction to his RV Park.

On the surface, this sketch looks good and seems like a gift to the community. In reality, this is just a clever plan to improve his image without cost. Roberts’ stated “commitment to the community“ seems no more sincere than a good business decision.

Karen Soltes