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RV Park application not correct

The minor use land permit application for the Roberts Resorts RV Park (PL 20220259) has not been submitted correctly. The application should be for a “Tiny Home Community” or “Manufactured Home Park.” Per our La Plata County Land Use Code, both require a major land use permit.

Scott Roberts honestly admitted in the planning commission hearing on Jan. 12 that his intention is eventually to have, out of the 306 proposed sites for this “RV Park,” more “Park Model Cabins” than RV spots. His current sketch plan proposal includes 49 high-end cabins. These cabins meet LUC definitions of tiny homes or tiny homes on wheels; and when three or more of either are on one lot, they are legally a Tiny Home Community (all-LUC62.5).

He’s proposed 120- or 180-day maximum occupancy. The 60-day max occupancy limit in LUC 73.5 IIIH would govern “RV Parks.” Roberts also stated his future intentions may be to sell off some cabins to individual ownership; he already offers this option at his Flagstaff and Tahoe locations. It appears private ownership of cabins is only allowed here if this is a “Manufactured Home Park” (LUC 73.5 III-A2), not a THC (LUC 73.5 IIIC).

Roberts claims he and his company Village Camp have an excellent reputation. If he wants to maintain that reputation, he will withdraw the “RV Park” application, and resubmit it legally and properly. It looks like our county planning department has hooked and reeled him in under false pretenses. Or vice-versa.

Dorothy Wehrly