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RV park: ‘Community or commodity?’

Durango: Our community or commodity for the rich?

I am opposed to this monster RV and “tiny home” park proposed at Trimble Lane.

It appears that the County Planning Department recommended conceptual approval of this 304-unit proposal without due process and based on much less stringent requirements than should have been required. But that’s not the main point.

The issue should be the impact of this major project on our community. Developer Scott Roberts says he is catering to people with their expensive Mercedes Sprinter campers. These rich folks will come here, see Durango and decide to buy a second or third home here with cash for their part time living. We already have a housing crisis with rich out-of-state buyers pushing out local service workers and young professionals who can no longer afford to live here. These out-of-state buyers often bring in different values to our community as well.

Roberts says he is “committed to becoming a part of the fabric of Durango’s community.” But he is also developing such RV parks in Moab, Flagstaff and Truckee, Calif. I don’t believe he has any intention of being part of our community.

Durango is being exploited and being changed from a community into a commodity for rich out-of-state investors. This monster RV park project is no exception.

Our county commissioners should step in and rectify this situation by saying “no” to this exploitive project, and reprimand the planners who recommended its approval.

Tim Wolf