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RV park: ‘Just now before public’

The proposed 306 RV Park in Animas Valley is a very big deal. This project will have an impact on the character and peaceful environment of the valley for generations. So, who is looking out for the people that live in the valley, enjoy the valley, not to mention our resident wildlife?

Who is running the La Plata County Planning Department? Our previous director of planning resigned and returned to Gunnison. He never lived here, only rented a room. So, who is looking out for the residents of La Plata County who do live here, built their homes here? Some are here year-round and some only part time.

La Plata County staffers stated they have been working on this project for the past two years. So why did residents living next to the project location officially find out about it just two weeks before the first public meeting on Dec. 7? If this project has been in the works for two years, why is it just now coming before the public when a significant number of homeowners and county residents are out of touch for the winter months? County staffers seem bent on pushing it through, while some residents are out of town for the colder months and no one is paying attention, even the planning commission.

I am not against growth, but it’s time La Plata County did the right thing and said no to this project in this residential location. Let’s put it where it belongs.

Tom Townsend