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RV park would increase biking danger

I am writing to share my objections to the RV park La Plata County is considering approving on Trimble Lane.

This project will negatively impact quality of life in the north valley. An additional 40 some home sites in the old forest service acreage has already been approved. This will increase traffic on a very small two-lane road without shoulders. We will see a major increase in traffic and noise with just these 40 homes.

The RV park would increase the danger of riding bikes along this section of road. The addition of 300-plus sites will make this road very dangerous. Imagine 300-plus RVs traveling on Trimble Lane daily, from early May until late October. Riding my bike on Highway 550 shows that the drivers of large RVs do not give one hoot about bicycles or their riders.

I cannot fathom the impact phone and internet services will have with this many additional users. I liken it to poor phone and internet service at Purgatory during holidays and spring break. You cannot make a call or access the internet. That’s OK at the ski area but my wife and I work from home. This interruption would be the end of our business.

This is a quiet peaceful area and we all moved out here for that. To add this many essentially new homes will negatively impact the ambiance and should not be approved.

Stephen Pease