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Sales tax increase in Bayfield makes economic sense

OK, nobody likes to pay more taxes, but the fact of the matter is the Town of Bayfield's streets are deteriorating, and the town needs money to fix them. So the town is asking for a one-percent sales tax increase, or one additional penny for each dollar spent.

Fixing the streets now before they deteriorate further is by far the most economical solution. If the streets aren't fixed now, it will cost many times more money to rebuild them later! If the sales tax increase passes, then almost everybody who comes to Bayfield (and uses the streets) will help pay for the improvements.

If the increase doesn't pass, the bill for the street repairs will fall on property owners in the form of property tax increases. If you rent your home, chances are good your landlord will pass the bill on to you.

So, for one more penny per dollar spent here, we can help secure our town's future.

Scot Trinklein