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Sean Smith would support the law

Two years ago, much of southern Colorado was on fire. Residents worked with fire departments to save homes and the lives of people and animals. After this, people who live in fear of their rights being taken from them returned to separating themselves from the government, clinging to the notion that it is run by people unlike themselves, which is not true.

This is unfortunately not true when it comes to sheriffs and other locally-elected officials, who refuse to work with anyone who has a different point of view and the sheriffs refuse to carry out the laws of the land.

This was recently witnessed in the previously-burned area of the Black Forest, where 14 skeletal remains of horses, covered by tarps, were found in a barn. Manure was several feet deep. Among this horror, were 10 horses in various stages of neglect. Dual Peppy, a renowned Quarter Horse stallion, was one of the survivors, found starving with ribs and hip bones clearly visible.

Initially, the local sheriff's office did not remove the horses and no veterinarian was called to evaluate the horses. The released statement justifying their decision read: Had any of the animals been in imminent jeopardy, they would have been removed from the location. This lack of action is all too common throughout America for horses in abusive situations. Animal cruelty laws remain weak and those not enforced. It is unacceptable and inexcusable for the sheriff to have left these suffering horses to remain in horrific conditions, where their abusers remained as their caretakers. Another example of a sheriff who refused to follow common sense, common justice, and the law.

Our current La Plata County Sheriff refuses to enforce background checks on purchases of guns. He has set himself above the law by not enforcing the law, which is his job.

I personally have an ex who could not pass the background check to buy a gun and I fight to keep that protection in place, for my own safety.

Please, vote for Sean Smith to be our sheriff, for the protection of animals, children, women, men, and me!

Cherry Miloe

Forest Lakes