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Senate race: ‘Don’t change horses’

The expression “don't change horses in the middle of the stream” applies to this year's U.S. Senate race. The horse is the highly capable Michael Bennet, whose values align with most Coloradans.

The most important issue facing the planet is whether carbon emissions will be reduced. No reduction will lead to ecosphere destruction and extinction. Republican Joe O'Dea does not favor urgent action, accepting the position of the oil and gas industry.

What about the economy? As a wealthy person (estimated worth $17 million to $77 million), O'Dea could buy the seat. O'Dea has stated that socialism causes inflation, a tough position to take when the U.S. is the least socialist of most developed nations, and childhood hunger among the poor remains. O'Dea also states the recession is President Joe Biden's fault.

What about taxes? O'Dea has praised Mitch McConnell, thus supports 2017's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that granted permanent tax cuts to the wealthy. Trickle down has never worked; the TCJA ensures that the U.S. extreme economic inequality will get worse.

O'Dea's positions on abortion and seniors living in poverty are clear. Excluding rape and incest from abortion restrictions shows zero tolerance for low-income people whose fragile economic security is destroyed by accidental pregnancy. O'Dea wants to reduce Medicare and Social Security. O'Dea's positions on other issues are unknown at this point, among them: LGBTQ rights, general health care, education, justice and women's rights.

I urge Coloradans to research O'Dea's positions for themselves.

Edward Arnold