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Seniors Outdoors! announces activities

9 a.m. Saturday: Saturday Snowshoes will meet for moderate and advanced groups. Contact Clark Lagow at clagow@rmi.net for more information. To check on updates and cancellations, go to www.seniorsoutdoors.org.

9 a.m. Monday: Snowshow the south side of Cascade Creek. RSVP to Chuck Rancatti at chuck.rancatti@gmail.com or 425-231-0930.

6:30 p.m. Tuesday: Seniors Outdoors! will have a general meeting with a presentation by Debra Van Winegarden and Thomas Holt Ward titled “Most Challenging SO! Hikes: From Geosphere to Blogosphere.”

9:30 a.m. Wednesday: The Wednesday Wanderes will meet to hike the Animas River Trail. Contact Eric Pahlke at pahlkee@aol.com or 247-1130.

9 a.m. Thursday: Ski the Power Line run. RSVP to Joline Morrison at morrisjp@uwec.edu or 884-2572.

7 a.m. Friday: A three-day skate and ski cross-country trip to Grand Mesa. RSVP to Carolyn Striker at 382-0162.

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