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Sept. 11 solidarity did not last

When the Sept. 11 attack occurred, I was checking out of a hotel in Dallas. On the lobby TV, I saw the first plane hit the Twin Towers, and a little while later the second tower was hit.

The immediate disbelief of what I was witnessing was overwhelming. Could this possibly be happening? When all flights were canceled and I had to remain at the hotel, I was riveted to the TV for five days.

During that time and for a few months afterward, I observed our coming together as citizens in our common grief, compassion and anger. Seeing the nation stand as one reminded me of what I have read about our national harmony during World Wars I and II.

Unfortunately, that Sept. 11 solidarity did not last. We are no longer united as a people. Instead of horrific attacks, misguided individuals and groups are slowly whittling away at our democratic foundations while waving our flag and carrying a Bible.

How do I feel today about the Sept. 11 disaster? Sadness that it happened and sadness that some of us no longer stand together to preserve the principles of our wonderful country.

Stephen Sency