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‘Sex is, in fact, binary’

Colorado state Rep. Brianna Titone is a transgendered woman, meaning she is a biological male. I have no problem with adults choosing adult life choices. There are many ways to express oneself. Transsexuality is one of them.

Titone chooses to express himself as a woman. I respect that. However, she does not get to decide what is verifiable fact; people cannot change their biological sex. Sex is, in fact, binary. You have large gametes (women) or small gametes (males).

Men cannot give birth.

The Colorado House approved two bills recently that Titone defended relating to transgenderism. One of the measures aims to make it easier for transgender people with felony records to legally change their names to conform with their gender. The other would require K-12 schools to have written policies for using a student’s chosen name and pronouns.

The first measure must be worded “conforming with gender identity” because it is not their sex. It deals with adults and recidivist criminals must be housed with their birth sex. Fine.

The second measure is un-American. Adults make rules not children. Do not let children demand/control the adults in charge of them.

Government compelling people to lie, to use speech they may not understand – or wish to use – is not right, even if it is coming from a place of compassion. It is not for the government to mandate speech.

Parents give their kids their life, as well as their name.

Use that one. At 18? Their call.

Richard Michael Feit