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Sheriff Smith gave us more – keep him

I am fortunate to have worked for La Plata County for many years. My job was in a central support role where I worked with all departments and many levels of staff. During my tenure, I interacted with Sheriff Sean Smith as a division head and as sheriff. I also interacted with Charles Hamby as a deputy and a sergeant.

I am a moderate Republican. I am not afraid to cross the party lines when it is the right thing to do. I voted for Sean Smith the first time and I will do so again this time.

Yes, Sheriff Smith made significant changes in the department, many long overdue. Yet change is not easy for most of us. After getting to know Sheriff Smith, I did expect more from his division and ultimately the sheriff’s department. We, the citizens, did get more – more focused patrols to meet the challenges of hot spots while balancing the many miles and miles of territory to cover; more attention to the budget’s reality, not just relying on historical “norms;” more cooperation with the administration and other departments. Expect more – you get more out of yourself and those around you.

I am delighted in the level of collaborative work that he promotes, both internally and externally. I truly believe we have a more efficient and effective sheriff’s department because of his ability to lead his team to the next level.

We need to keep Sheriff Smith in office. Please join me in voting to re-elect Sheriff Sean Smith.

Janalee Hogan