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‘Spend $80,000’ for art along trail?

Durango is fortunate to have so many talented artists. We see their artwork in so many places throughout town. But do we really need to spend $80,000 to showcase this talent along the river trail?

The river trail has a beauty all its own. I’ve walked the length of it many hundreds of times over 36 years, and never once have I thought I’d like to see more manmade art here. What I have thought is, what a beautiful landscape! Look at that eagle flying up the river! How lucky are we to live on a postcard!

I’ve also thought that I hate rude bikers! Slow down! Put your damn dog on a leash! Where is a bathroom when we need one?

That money could be used in so many more ways to improve the trail. Buy some paint and put yellow lines down the middle to give a visual guide to bikers and pedestrians. Put up signs reminding people to leash their dogs, keep right, yield to pedestrians, be kind. Build year-round bathrooms.

The river trail is a true asset to Durango. But it’s a busy, dangerous place to be at times. Improvements should double as safety upgrades and make it an even better place to recreate. Please, reconsider spending that money wisely.

Jane Dunn