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Stop controlling people over COVID-19

“Flattening the curve” was the same awful logic used to assert control over people almost two years ago – three weeks was the first stage of control, not over COVID-19 but over the people. And here we are.

Let the unvaccinated worry about masking and let those who have either had COVID-19, gotten their shots and booster get on with life.

In my case, I masked, washed, socially distanced and even isolated, only to get COVID-19, and now have had three Moderna shots.

Using prudent precaution makes sense, but putting everyone under the same umbrella is strictly an ongoing effort by politicians seeking approval by pandering to the narrative.

People like Liane Jollon, executive director of San Juan Basin Public Health, got paid when everyone else had to suffer through the mental and physical anguish of isolation, economic devastation and an uncertain future.

Perhaps she could turn her focus to the psychological devastation on our youth that she and others of her genre have created.

Randy Lewis