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‘Street created for strolling now a thoroughfare’

​A special thanks to Bill Roberts for his recent guest column that recognized East Third Avenue (the Boulevard) was designed for people, not cars. His suggestion to return it to a place where people can ride bicycles and cross the street safely is refreshing.

​I, for one, welcome further exploring his suggestions to eliminate left-hand turns from East Third Avenue to East 15th Street, and allow parking on both sides of the avenue every day and not just on Sundays. Implementing these suggestions would slow down traffic, increase parking and allow residents to park in front of their houses, and greatly improve safety.

​I would also suggest that by implementing these actions, East Third Avenue could become a bicycle thruway and there would be no need to make major changes to East Second Avenue, currently being considered by city staff.

​It seems ironic that the very street created for strolling now serves as a vehicle thoroughfare, where speeding seems to be rarely enforced, while the downtown commerce area is being developed as a pedestrian-friendly zone with decreases in vehicles.

​I would ask that the City Council seriously consider these suggestions as a simple and extremely cost-effective mechanism for increasing safety at the junction of East Third Avenue and East 15th Street, as well as promoting a safe pedestrian/bicycle zone.

Russ Kimble