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Summer Symphony

She silently rises in the night sky,

Glowing as she arcs upward to

Await the summer symphony.

A deep quiet stirs and

The ancient mossy Oak sighs,

Hush Hush Hush

It’s about to begin.

The breeze flutters,

the branches

Click Click Click

Like a baton on the podium.

Then it begins, softly at first,

Burrrreeeek Burrrreeeek Burrrreeeek

Croaks the wood frogs.

Then, from within the

Reed section, I hear the

Buzz Buzzy Buzz

Of a thousand crickets

Chirping a rhythmic chorus.

I shiver,

Lying back,

On the cool earth,

Wondering if God is stretched out,

Humming to this evening euphony.

Stars wink at me as we collectivley

Listen to this nocturnal chorus.

From the east wafts

The melodic serenade of the meadow katydids,

Punctuated by the occasional percussion

Guck Guck Garble

Of the Pickerel.

The gray owl screeches from

His front row seat

Hoo-rah Hoo-rah Hoo-rah.

And the moon, from her balcony view,

Beams with joy.

Susan McLean