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Support LPOSC to preserve open space

In response to the story headlined “Headin’ Out West” (Herald, March 31) about the attraction of seniors to our area because of open space, I want to draw attention to an organization that makes this possible: La Plata Open Space Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust that has served the Durango area for over 22 years.

Through conservation easements, LPOSC works with private land owners and municipalities to permanently protect open space, wildlife habitat, wetlands, recreational parks, working family farms and ranches and historic/archaeological resources. Currently, LPOSC protects 30,000 acres of land in seven counties surrounding the Durango area.

Although not all of LPOSC’s conservation easement properties are publicly known, many are, including: Horse Gulch, Overend Mountain Park, Dalla Mountain Park, Oxbow Park & Preserve, James Ranch, Sunnyside Farms, El Dorado Cattle Ranch and Durango Nature Studies. Along the scenic San Juan Skyway, LPOSC conservation easements protect nearly 3,000 acres of land, much of which is visible from Durango Mountain Resort. You just might look out your car or home window at land protected by an LPOSC-managed easement, as I do in Skyridge.

LPOSC provides an extraordinary contribution to our local community’s way of life. Recreational, tourist and agricultural economies benefit greatly through the protection of natural landscapes and resources, as do those of us privileged to simply live here.

While conservation easements are an efficient way to protect prime land, they are not free. LPOSC has operating expenses that must be covered by the support of local organizations and an ongoing, dedicated group of individuals who care about the quality of life provided by open, permanently protected land. The pressure to develop open land in this beautiful place is relentless. Please join me in supporting this organization by becoming a “friend of open space” at www.lposc.org.

Carol Shepard


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