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Take Christi Zeller's word for it!

The oil and gas behemoths must be desperate.

Having worked double shift to degrade this planet for their obscene profits, they now send their paid bully Christi Zeller - the lady who never saw a fracked aquifer, a poisonous oil spill, a dead cow or a despoiled ranch she didn't like - to try and decide the LPEA elections for us WITHOUT OUR VOTE.  

If the LPEA membership needed a wake-up call, this must surely be it. So let us get out and vote down the extremists. Let us vote for the two candidates who are just too moderate for Christi Zeller; who are reasonable and thoughtful and concerned not only for the price of a kilowatt, but also for our mountains and rivers and ranches and our way of  life on this beautiful land; who would rather strike a balance between reasonable return on investment and the long-term health of this county.

And who will, above all, not be beholden to slick corporate bullies.

Let us take Christi  Zeller's word for it and vote Britt Bassett and Gregg Dubit to the LPEA board.

Tom Givon