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Visual Arts

Taking stock in art

CSArt is back for a second season

It’s much easier to explain the inexplicable the second time around.

Last year, the oft-bizarro artist members at Studio & launched Durango’s inaugural CSArt program, modeled on the popular nationwide trend of Community Supported Agrigulture. Like CSAg, CSArt subscribers pay a one-time subscription cost and then collect on their investment throughout the year. It’s just that instead of a box of lettuce, radishes and the like, CSArt subscribers get a box of art.

“Last year, we sold out, and we expect to sell out this year as well,” said Scott Dye, a member artist at Studio & who is spearheading this year’s program, though he’s not one of the contributing artists. “It’s a great way for the community to get their hands on quality, locally produced art, while also supporting the local economy and local artists.”

This year’s crop of artists are Nathan Schmidt, Shay Lopez, Lisa Self, Hailey King, Minna Jain, Dakotah Andreatta, Lisa Mackey and Erin Lewis. Each artist contributes works into each “share” sold. Each share includes eight pieces of art, received two at a time at four pick-up parties throughout the season. Dye said 26 of the 40 available shares have already been sold since they went on sale March 1.


How to subscribe

Shares in CSArt are available for $300 at www.anddurango.com. For more information, contact CSArt Project Director Scott Dye at 946-4840 or email artideasprogress@gmail.com.

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