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Arts and Entertainment

The audience: You are half the show

Backstage Pass Concert Series featured Anthony D’Amato and Thom Chacon. (Courtesy of the Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College)

When you attend a live performance in Durango, you’re not just a passive observer but an integral part of the show. Your reactions – whether laughter, applause or even silence – shape the experience for yourself and the performers on stage. This unique interaction between the audience and the artist is what makes live performances in Durango so captivating. Your presence and engagement are what make each performance unique and memorable.

Charles Leslie

Think about it: when you're at a concert or play, the crowd's energy influences your reactions. When surrounded by an enthusiastic audience, you might laugh harder or feel more moved by a performance. Likewise, performers can sense the vibe in the room and adjust their delivery accordingly. It’s a continuous exchange of energy between the artist and the audience.

What’s more, live performances are fleeting moments in time, shared by everyone present in that space. Whether at a theater, concert hall or bar, the experience is unique to that moment. And your role as an audience member is just as important as the performers themselves.

Durango, a haven for live entertainment, offers a unique array of experiences. From the vibrant Concert Hall @ The Park in Buckley Park, the engaging Durango Playfest, the enchanting Music in the Mountains, to the diverse shows at the Animas City Theatre, the captivating Nashville Songwriters in the Round at the Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College, The Powerhouse Community Concert Series and the eclectic performances at the Durango Arts Center, there’s something to suit every taste. Each of these events presents not only a chance to immerse oneself in artistry but also an opportunity to forge connections within the vibrant Durango community. By being a part of these live performances, you’re not just a spectator, but a privileged participant in a unique cultural experience.

So next time you’re at a live performance, pay attention to your own reactions and those of the people around you. You’ll realize that being in the audience is not just about watching – it’s about being part of something special, something that can’t be replicated once the show is over. And in Durango, there’s no shortage of ways to be part of the magic.

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Charles Leslie is director of the Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College.